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Ho Wood – Cinnamomum camphora var linalool Essential oil 10ml


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Ho Wood Oil is steam distilled from the bark and wood of the ho tree. This oil is extremely high in calming linalool and is excellent for promoting a peaceful and relaxing environment. Ho Wood has a woody, floral, and camphorous scent. … The camphor content in Ho Wood Oil results in a cooling feeling when used topically.

Ho Wood Essential Oil, Cinnamomum camphora var linalool, is steam distilled from the bark and wood (and sometimes the leaves are simultaneously distilled) of the same tree that brings us Ravintsara Essential Oil. Ravintsara Essential Oil is distilled from the leaves of Cinnamomum camphora and is sometimes known as Ho Leaf Oil.

Ho Wood is one of the most potent sources of naturally occurring linalol found in any steam distilled essential oil.

There are several oils distilled from Cinnamomum camphora, so it’s very important that you doublecheck the chemotype when intending to explore Ho Wood Oil as described in this profile.

Emotionally, given its linalol content, Ho Wood Oil is a “peaceful” oil. It is calming and is a good choice when needing to relax or unwind.

Aromatically, Ho Wood Essential Oil is a beautifully fragrant wood oil that possesses some similarity to that of Rosewood Oil. Due to the endangerment of the rosewood tree, Ho Wood may serve as a suitable aromatic substitute for Rosewood Essential Oil in some applications.

Ho Wood Essential Oil Benefits and Uses

  • Colds/Flu
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Wounds
  • Cuts
  • Eczema
  • Acne
  • Stress
  • Anxiety



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