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Mission of our Garden

Founded in 2009, Maravel Garden is a vibrant growing space that extends to over 20 acres. Here you can find over 300 common and unusual herbs, spices, aromatic and medicinal herbs and herbs used for culinary purposes. You can also find a variety of plants, flowering trees, annual and perennial flowers, our rose garden, as well as a greenhouse with tropical plants.

The Garden is also home to a variety of vegetables, perennial fruit trees and bushes, and an abundance of flowers for pollinators and humans alike. We ourselves support all aspects of growing, including turning the ground, planting seeds, weeding and harvesting fresh produce.

We are dedicated to the collection, cultivation, preservation and display of a wide range of plants labeled with their botanical names, and we only practice organic methods without the use of synthetic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, or bioengineered genes.

For the production of our own range of cosmetics we utilize fine herbs and rare plants from the Cretan nature, exclusively grown in our Garden. Throughout the years, and driven by the need to promote self-care, we have developed exclusively in-house a wide range of products for the face, the body and the hair, all based on a variety of our own herbal extracts, essential oils, organic plant oils and natural butters. Our specialized formulas are optimized and updated with clinically-proven, active ingredients that offer targeted results.
Our production still preserves authentic homemade techniques and our handcrafted range is produced with traditional handmade techniques, without the use of heavy machinery.

All our products for the face, hair and body are based on the principals of ancient Greek herbal therapy and aromatherapy. Each one of our unique recipes is developed with carefully selected ingredients to cover the daily beauty routine, including specialized concerns like anti-aging, dryness, oiliness, sensitivities, special needs, hair loss, etc.