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What we do

Behind each product there is a story from the ancient times and an intensive study, which represent the philosophy of our entire company. There are two pillars of Inspiration behind the unique concept of Maravel Garden Cosmetics:

The history of Herbal Therapy & Aromatherapy leads us to Ancient Greece, where healing and relaxation techniques were widely spread. Famous ancient Greek practitioners, philosophers and physicians recorded the beneficial effects of hundreds of scented plants and herbs.

Before the arrival of ready-made cosmetics, women in Greece, both in Ancient and Classical eras, formulated a wide range of recipes deriving from the rich Greek nature, to treat several skin and hair conditions.
Many seeds, herbs, flower buds, vegetables and fruits indigenous to Greece found their way into beautification and treatment mixtures. Lavender, roses, sage, garlic, rosemary and chamomile are just a few examples of ingredients that were used for the preparation of handcrafted cosmetics. Scents were produced by boiling flowers, herbs and spices and mixed with a base of olive oil. Greeks were also known to create beauty products from natural pigments, plant roots, seeds, petals, wine and other homegrown ingredients.

The excellent quality of Greek herbs and spices reflects the country’s long periods of sunshine and the complexity of its landscapes, allowing the growth of hundreds of different species of plants, out of which most grow exclusively in Greece and a lot of them only in Crete. Their use for skincare dates all the way back to 5000 BC and all are still principal ingredients in contemporary Greek beauty products, for their precious moisturizing, nourishing and antioxidant properties.

Today, Maravel Garden Cosmetics use all these natural endemic plants, herbs and ingredients in its authentic homemade products, all made with inherited natural techniques.