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Cooking Lesson

The Cretan Diet is famous, – and some say miraculous! It is the original Mediterranean diet Culture, history and geography have helped create a combination of foods and lifestyle which provides a unique diet that is highly nutritious, prolonging life and helping to prevent many of the modern diseases that shorten the lives of millions of people every year in the West.

The Cretans have always been resourceful when using the natural produce on their Island.
During the war for example, it was an abundance of natural greens, olive oil, and chestnuts made into bread, that kept many healthy and alive.


  • Learn about delicious Cretan flavors
  • All equipment and ingredients included
  • Enjoy your meal at the end of the class with a glass of local wine
  • Experience a taste of Crete in this 7-hours hands-on cookery class. Learn how to create a range of delicious traditional Cretan dishes.

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